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Sreepathy C.V.N. Kalari


Sreepathy C.V.N. Kalari started at Cheruvandoor near Ettumanoor in 1970 when kalarippayattu was not very popular in central Travancore. From a humble beginning it has grown to success and fame over the years.

It was no les significant the travails faced by the family which themselves devoted for the service and propagation of kalaripayat and kalari medicine.

The singular initiative taken by Sreepathy CVN Kalari to stage public performance of kalarippayat and to conduct kalari treatment camps and seminars brought it public reputation. Many renowned persons including former Tourism Minister Ananthkumar, cricket player Anil Kumble and music director Anu Malik have come over here and received treatment. Trans World Sports documentary on kalaripayat and kalari medicinal system was made on Sreepathy CVN Kalari’s performance and practice. B.B.C and researchers from U.S.A., Germany and France come here to study about this ancient martial art form. Elaborate and sophisticated arrangements are made for the scientific treatment for obesity, body pain, rheumatism and post surgery physical ailments.

Sreepathy Ayurveda Clinic

Sreepathy Ayurveda, situated at the heart of Ettumanoor, facing the Pilgirmcentre, ..temple, is one of the most well-knowncentres in Mid- Travancore. Primacy of wellness and wisdom throughayurvedic treatment, medical astrology and kalarippayattuas its sworn goal, the centre has become a haven for those who seek total healthAccording to a legend, the Samorine (Samuthiri) of Kozhikkode, King of an erstwhile princely state in India, wasquite miraculously healed of a deadly inflammation by one of the Vaidyas belonging to ….family, which impressed the king deeply. It was said that the healing was made possible by tying a medicated towel around the painful part of the body.MuraleedharaGurukkal, who descends from this familyand the grandson of Sri. Narayanan Vaidyar migrated to Travancore from Malabar and settled near Kaniyankunnu near Kottayam.In 1970, when Kalarippayattu was not very popular in Central Travancore, he put up a kalari and yoga Centre at Cheruvandoor,near  Kottayam. From a humble beginning it has grown to Success and fame over the years. Presently, he along with his three sons continue the tradition.

Sreepathy Ayurveda Clinic
Sreepathy Ayurveda Clinic

Acharya K.G. Muraleedhara Gurukkal

Early Life

Muraleedhara Gurukkal, born as………is a maestro in Kalarippayat and Kalari Medicinal System, He learned traditional medicine from his father Govindan Narayanan Vaidyar who was a Vaidya and an astrologer. He started practicing yoga at the age of 11 under Bodhananda Swamikal, a yogi of international repute. Gurukkal learned Tantra   from his uncle Ilangulam Sankaran Vaidyar and traditional medicine from his father- in- law Alanatil Kesavan Vaidyar and Sri Saraswathi Vilasam Madhavan Vaidyar. He also started learning Kalarippayattu, both Northern and Southern styles.


As an avidstudent ofmartial arts, he achieved expertise in Wrestling, Karate, Judo and Gymnastics. He is a five-time state wrestling champion and two-time state Kalarippayat champion. He won silver medal in the International Karate – Sparring championship in 1976. Apart from this he got many other accolades atthe state and national levels.

His Contributions

He is the founder secretary of District Kalaripayattu Association, Kottayam. His commitment to the art and science of Ayurveda is unique and unfathomable. At the age of 73 years, his eagerness to teach and practice Kalarippayat and Kalari Marma Chikitsa (traditional ayurvedic treatment) remains very strong. The idea that the science of medicine is meant to the service of humanity and not for individual pursuits inflames his mind. He leads a simple systematic life. He gets up in the early hours of the day and lights a lamp in the Kalari, to please the diety Bhagavati. Then he prays obeisance at the diety and by 6.00a.m he starts giving training in Kalarippayattu for students. still he continues to work tirelessly to plan further innovations and reaching out towards new goals.


Dr.Siju Muraleedharan was born on 19th April 1981, as the son of Sri. K G muraleedhara gurukkal, and k.k.thankamma.  His maternal grandfather named Alanattil Keshavan Vaidyar was an ayurvedic paediatrician and was taking care of Saint Alphonsamma, Bharananganam as her physician.

Dr.Siju Muraleedharan, a fully qualified practitioner, also owns an enviable lineage comprising of many illustrious Vaidyas of Ganakas, the traditional caste in Kerala excelling in Jyotishiam (Astrology), Ayurvedic treatment, and Kalari Marma. Dr.Siju ( Vaidya Siju ) is specifically skilled in the fields of Prasna Shastra (Horary Astrology), Marma Vidya(Vital Points.), Nadi Shastra (pulse diagnosis),  Modern hypnotism and therapeutic cure, Kalarippayat, the art of Vedic self-defense. 

Knowledge Capital

He had his basic education in St. Sebastian public school and jawahar navodaya, Kottayam. By 26, he completed his Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery from Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences, Bangalore. He was invited by Transcendental Meditation. Guru aharishi Mahesh Yogi, to serve at Vlodrop, Netherlands.

Dr.Siju Muraleedharan BAMS, MD

(Consultant in Ayurvedic Medicine and Vedic Astrology)

Dr.Siju Netherlands


During the last year of Maharishi’s life, Dr.Siju served as his personal vaidya, giving Maharishi daily treatments and recommending herbs for him. H.H.Maharishi named Dr.Siju Head of the Marma Therapy Department at the Maharishi Ayurveda Integrated Health Center.

In this capacity, he developed the treatment protocols for Ayurveda therapy and Yoga therapy to be used there. H. H Maharishi Named (same matter which is there in the website…..continues till MAPI( Maharshi ayurvedic Products International). …travelled far and wide..for gaining medicinal and treatment expertise which have indeed increased his knowledge horizon. .P.G Dissertation – Paper presentation. …and research writings… publications Dr. Siju also served on the Planning Board for the Vedic Hospital at Vlodrop along with Health Minister for Global Country of World Peace, Dr. Rainer Picha; Chairman Dr Walter Moelk, Board Members, Dr. Keith Wallace, Dr. Robert Schneider, Dr. Gareth Wallace, and Dr. Benjamin Stuettgen.

Together, they planned the organization of the Vedic Hospital and developed treatment protocols. He also worked as a Faculty Member at MERU Maharshi European Research University. Dr.Siju has served as In-Residence Vaidya at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center in Lancaster, Massachusetts, USA. And Consultant Vaidya for The Raj, in Fairfield, Iowa. U.S.A. and MAPI (Maharishi Ayurveda ), USA.


After returning to India, he pursued his Master degree in kayachikitsa,ie general medicine. Back in Kerala, he instituted the centre at ettumanoor. His genuine efforts have placed him in a position to be a leading ayurvedic and astrological consultant and practitioner in the Central Travancore…. Online consultancy… far and wide from the various places in the world, Under the leadership of Dr.Siju, Sreepathy Ayurveda is planning to implement Several future Programme s for the Service to the mankind. There is a joint venture with Flowing River company, eucador ‘South America. The expansion of Sreepathy Ayurveda globally is the goal to Serve the globe with this holistic Wellness System and to meet ever growing demand for this system of medicine.

Dr.Siju Muraleesharan

Under the leadership of Dr.Siju, Sreepathy Ayurveda is planning to implement Several future Programme s for the Service to the mankind. There is a joint venture with Flowing River company, eucador ‘South America. The expansion of Sreepathy Ayurveda globally is the goal to Serve the globe with this holistic Wellness System and to meet ever growing demand for this system of medicine. Dr.Siju and his brothers are always in the look out for the improvements and developments.

At this time of Pandemic diseases there is a need of bigger establishment at several other parts to meet the growing needs of a major sector of population. Dr.Siju is holding Several responsible positions along with his busy schedule as the chief physician of Sreepathy Ayurveda. He is frequently invited for Lectures abroad. Dr.Siju has e busy schedule almost every day. Yet he finds some time to spend with his immediate family and the children get his affectionate attention. His wife Dr.Divya help him in Personal and Professional life. His brothers and family supports him in all aspects.

Dr.Siju spent his major part of time in extending love and human care to the large no of patients who come from far and near for seeking his treatments. Daily he reads on Ayurveda from his huge collection of books ,at the same time he wants to be aware of the developments in other systems of medicine. Dr.Siju’s dedication to research and his remarkable skill as a physician had made him a figure of international repute. And he continues his studies and his research. His indomitable zeal and his single mind of Spirit of Service are endless source of Spirit to everyone, who works with him in this establishment.

Dr.Divya Sasidharan

She is an Ayurvedic Vaidya by Profession. She received her BAMS,MD degree from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. She has undergone her specialty training in Ayurveda Gynaecology, ayurvedic cosmetology and Women health in kerala,  under Vanitha Clinic Training Program.

She has served as medical officer at different places in kerala including Government Ayurveda Dispensary during the year 2009. Her entire Lineage has been vaidyas and astrologers. Sri. Padmanabhan Vaidya, her paternal grand father was a well  known traditional Ayurvedic Vaidya. He had treated many chronic conditions of his patients with Hundred percentage result and received many compliments from the public. By his dedication and dynamic leadership he is successful in achieving the goals set by his predecessors. Sri. Ottuvazhikkal Sankupilla Jyolsyar, her maternal grandfather  was also a famous traditional Ayurvedic Vaidya and an astrologer.


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