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The word Bhaishajyam or bhashaja literally means Aushadha (Medicine) but according to ancient scientific language named Sanskrit there is difference in the higher meanings of these words even though it looks same in common usage of words.

Bheshajam – That which removes the fear is known as bheshajam. The one which is known by the bhishak(physician), which is helpful in his treatment is known as bheshajam.

Aushadha – Aushadha is that one which with hold its rasa. Here the rasa stands for entire rasa guna veerya vipaka and prabhava. That is it is the essence inherent in that.

Bhaishajya Kalpana – It is the process or methodology employed for the preparation of pharmaceutical products.

“ Bhaishajyanam Kalpana ithi Bhaishajyakalpana”

The branch of Science that which deals in details about the preparation of medicine is called as bhaishajya kalpana.

  • Significance of Bhaishajya Kalpana.
  • More palatable
  • Improving the potency
  • Improve the shelf life.

Above all

“ Each kind of preparations has got it’s own specific action on the body and system. Our system differentiates each item and assimilates accordingly. So its very important that in what form we conceive.” – Dr.Siju Muraleedharan

Ayurvedic Medicine


Finished productRaw Drugs
Asavarishta (Fermented Preperations)Herbal (Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant origin)
Kashaya ( Decoctions)Mineral
Gutika (pills)Animal Origin
Choorna( Powder Form) 
Avaleha (Paste Form) 
Thaila (Oil) 
Ghritha(Ghee Preperations) 
Swarasa Preperations (Juice) 
Kalka Kalpana (paste) 
Hima Kalpana(cold infusions) 
Phanta Kalpana (Cold Infusions) 
Arka Kalpana (Distillation) 
Rasakriya ( Modified products of Kwatha) 
Khanda Kalpana (Granular Preperations) 
Sarkara Kalpana (Syrups) 
Ayaskriti (Classical Method of metal administration) 
Masi Kalpana (Carbonization of drugs) 
KsharaKalpana (cauteries) 
Varti Kalpana (Herbal Suppositories) 

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